Full-Service And D.I.Y. Complete Kit P.A. Sound System Rentals

We specialize in catered full service and DIY professional sound systems rentals for small events.

Rockin' Parties In All Coachella Valley Desert Cities And Riverside County

We deliver to the entire local desert region and beyond! We are happy to provide sound for your event anywhere in Coachella Valley, Morongo Valley, Yucca Valley, and any Riverside County event location.

Whether you want pro-quality for a sensual smooth classy audio vibe for your guests...or bump deep bass all desert night long....

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sample of our bose l1 model 1 500 watt pa sound system rental

Let us help rock your message...make it an event they'll keep talking about!

Our 500-watt full-service system comes with big bass, and an on-site sound technician to setup and run a sound-check. This system creates an awesomely dispersed clear sound throughout any room or event area...from softly spoken presenters, to loud dj sets. This system will rock events with audiences up to 250 people!

sample of our DIY event party pa sound system

Make your house party...A HOUSE PARTY!

Our easy to setup, diy do-it-yourself, 100 watt system package will hit the audio sweet spot. Be heard over the crowd when speaking, and plug in your iPod/iPad, computer, dj sound machine, etc... and get the party started, for events up to 85 audience size! Get More Info

classical guitar

Live Classical Guitar Performances

Let local acoustic artist, Andy Ks, perform classical guitar/chill style set for an original created ambience. Building live performance energy of straight classical for a featured set of music, or as background ambiance vibe! Suitable for private, restaurant, corporate, etc., events, he's even played a baby shower.

special offer for an event webpage design and web development by desert vibe

A Quick And Easy Setup Single Webpage Package To Announce Your Event — Only $349.00!

Our single-page event website design helps you get your message announced on the Internet. A great way to keep everyone up to date with your event details, providing a central location that is an easily accessible custom event webpage!

  • Single-webpage, mobile ready!
  • Domain Name
  • Hosting for Six Months
  • Social Media Links
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Yes, we service outdoor events

Desert Vibe Live Audio Service

Professional P.A. Sound System Rental

You have a great message, we make sure it's heard well and delivered at a great rate.

Microphone Handling

Hold the mic comfortably and firmly in your hand, but not too tight.

Event Preparation

Arrive early and survey the space. Your event will be successful with preparation.

Art of Schmoozing

Use this basic schmooze recipe: four parts listening, three parts appreciating, two parts laughter, and just one part wit.

Have A Marketing Plan

A single page webpage promo is great marketing to build interest for the event!

Desert Vibe Media Service Benefits

You Need A Sound System For An Event

  • Offering a low-profile, high-quality sound system with full-service. No big obtrusive speakers, no running cables to external boxes on big metal stands. Superior, even toned audio throughout the room!
  • We want your event to be a success. We're happy to help you through step-by-step with everything you need to be successful with your sound! We even offer pre-event audio consulting meeting sessions.
  • We cater to local Coachella Valley greater Palm Springs area events, up to the high-desert, and have travel rates for greater distances.
  • We serve high-end professional events with high-quality service and equipment, using professional brands like Bose, Shure, AKG, Audio-Technica, Furman, and Rode.
  • We specialize in corporate events, weddings, house parties, and making sure the DJ's set rocks! ...whether you are having a one-time business seminar in Palm Springs area, or are a local Palm Desert event services provider that regularly hires us for sound...we handle small venues up to 250 people and 10k square foot space!
Sound System Rental Information
sample microphone we supply akg d5

A Client Sound Rental Testimonial

Thank you! It all went well. See you next time. Judy McAbee / Save-A-Pet Animal Hospital Desert Hot Springs

We Love The Coachella Valley...It's all about the desert vibe!

The desert is our home, and it's where we do business. There is a special vibe of the Coachella Valley desert, making it a unique place to do business, and an interesting and great place to live. Our professional audio services are the same no matter what the temperature is, weather hot and dry at an outdoor event, or air-cooled at an indoor event...we strive to offer our best service possible, always, and we love making your event audio RoCK!

we love coachella valley

Desert Vibe Web Media services are best
for high-class professional events